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For Our Future

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A Future For Our Country

How can we create a future for our country?

Over the next decade, researchers at some of the top academic institutions in the world tell us that about 47% of all current jobs in our country will be lost to automation. At today’s employment numbers, that is equivalent to losing about 60 million jobs.

We can and will overcome this challenge, but we must send entrepreneurs, small business owners, innovators, technologists and scientists to Congress—not politicians. 

This crisis is already happening. During the same age range, 18-33, the last three generations have had 10% higher employment of men and the prior generation had 5% higher employment of women. Our newest generation is not making the economic transition. In the years to come, every one of us will be impacted.

You and I can and will solve this working together. We need a champion for families like yours and mine. We need someone who has fought one uphill battle after another to create new jobs and new industries. We can do this together.


Every person across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care. 

A Future For Our Country

How can we create a future for our country?


How can we fix our accountability issues?


How do we solve our housing problems?

Cyber Security

How do we solve our cyber issues?


How do we solve our environmental problems?


How do we solve our education problems?


How do we solve our economic problems?