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Cyber Security

How do we solve our cyber issues?

Many of us have heard about the concerns that Russian hackers have influenced our elections. Whatever your stance on that issue, these kinds of cyber attacks are happening every day against our country. Information and computer security remain a critical, misunderstood gap in our infrastructure. The more we use technology and smart devices the more critical this risk becomes. 

It’s time to stand up with our security researchers who are helping defend our country. Those working in our best interest, without intent of personal gain or any violation of rights, need to be valued and their research protected.

We also need to go one step further. Living in the 21st century, it is time to teach basic software and security knowledge in our K-12 education. Much like we tell our children to look both ways before crossing the road we need to educate our society on the dangers of clicking on a link or verifying the identity of a person who might have ulterior motives.

It is also time to educate our elected officials about this new threat to our democracy that will only worsen in the years to come. By taking steps now, we can help secure our country. 

Because I believe Cybersecurity is important not only in legislation but in everyday lives, my campaign staff and I have been trained on good cybersecurity practices like effective password policies, avoiding phishing scams, communicating securely, updating security patches and using things like multi-factored authentication on places that store our personal information.


Every person across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care. 

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Cyber Security

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