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For Our Future

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How do we solve our economic problems?

It’s time to start finding bi-partisan solutions for businesses and for their workers.

This is exactly what we did with the Washington J.O.B.S. Act of 2014. By allowing Washington residents to more easily raise capital for their business idea, we are helping make the American dream more accessible. Our work isn’t done, and as your Congressman, I will make sure we create a platform that makes this new law easily accessible to everyone. 

We also need to provide debt suspension, or debt forgiveness, for students who want to start their own businesses and create new jobs. This is the number one factor reported as to why our newest generation isn’t starting businesses—which is showing double digit declines from the last two generations.

No more political fluff. Let’s get everyone who wants a job back to work and protect families like yours and mine.


Every person across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care. 

A Future For Our Country

How can we create a future for our country?


How can we fix our accountability issues?


How do we solve our housing problems?

Cyber Security

How do we solve our cyber issues?


How do we solve our environmental problems?


How do we solve our education problems?


How do we solve our economic problems?