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For Our Future

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How do we solve our environmental problems?

We must focus our attention now on both the economy and the environment. These are urgent, immediate crises that must be solved together, and we are perfectly positioned in the 8th district to become a national leader. 

By bringing our eastern and western communities together, we lead our state in both agriculture and technology while having perfect access to regions for wind farms and solar panels. It’s time to create jobs and businesses right here in our district that are leading the country in new clean energy technologies. As your Congressman, I will roll up my sleeves with you to work with Congress, local businesses and our hometown entrepreneurs to get the incubators, capital access, infrastructure, tax benefits and whatever else we need to become a leader in clean energy and job creation right here, right now.


Every person across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care. 

A Future For Our Country

How can we create a future for our country?


How can we fix our accountability issues?


How do we solve our housing problems?

Cyber Security

How do we solve our cyber issues?


How do we solve our environmental problems?


How do we solve our education problems?


How do we solve our economic problems?