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For Our Future

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How do we solve our housing problems?

We know that we have more young people living at home than at any time since 1940—and that is only because we don’t know what happened before then.

In Washington state, 26.6% of those aged 18-34 live at home. If this isn’t impacting your family, it is impacting the family next door. 

We need to create more high wage jobs, we need to train appropriately for them, we need to increase housing surplus, we need to make mortgages more accessible and we need to make those homes more affordable. I also want to explore tax deductions for renters in much the same way we have for homeowners to help them toward saving for their future down payments.


Every person across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care. 

A Future For Our Country

How can we create a future for our country?


How can we fix our accountability issues?


How do we solve our housing problems?

Cyber Security

How do we solve our cyber issues?


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